Exactly one year ago, on June 5, 2021, in the splendid setting of the Borghesiana in Rome, we presented the Fenix ​​Trophy at a press conference, the latest wonderful project to come out of the tireless black and green forge.

That was also the occasion to face the Roman cousins ​​of Lodigiani Calcio 1972 in the opening friendly match of the tournament: the result was a crackling match, full of goals on both sides, which ended 5-3 for the hosts.

Next Friday 10 June at 9 pm on the neutral pitch of the Romeo Neri Stadium in #Rimini we will have the opportunity to take our revenge, this time in the final for the third place of the first successful edition of the Fenix ​​Trophy.

It will only be the beginning of a fantastic weekend of sun, sea and football in which all the teams will gather on the Riviera for a celebration of the best game in the world.

See you at the stadium, forza Brera!

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