MORE THAN FOOTBALL it is a section that collects our numerous “various” soccer initiatives. It will always show the most recent plan, while those which have contributed to make the history of the Brera can be found again in the section History.



In January 2016 the Brera, in collaboration with the actress and Serbian activist of origins Rom Dijana Pavlovic, launch a new plan that has as object using soccer in order to make to perceive with a different light the cosmopolitan identity of the population of Rome.

The staff of Brera has been selected, through extensive research, players of Roman origin and willing to proudly wear the national team shirt, representing the largest ethnic minority in Europe. The selection´s coach is the former Brera´s coach Andrea Mazza.

The initiative was born from the belief that a strong and internationally recognized football team representing the Rome´s people is a matter of identity capable of coagulating a real sense of passion by the 12 million Romans in Europe, but also a sympathetic attitude from all other citizens. The football results obtainable by this representative can become the pivot of a path of reduction of cultural and social discrimination currently ongoing in Europe against the people from Rome.

The initial idea was to take part, through adherence to CONIFA (the international football organization that brings together countries not recognized by FIFA), the World Cup in Abkhazia in May 2016. Unfortunately, because of bureaucratic delays,Rome national football team, while qualifying, was unable to attend the competition.
However, the initiative has nevertheless had a happy ending through a friendly match at the Arena Civica in Romani People Football Team and the football representative of Padania, which has received great media success.