Yesterday we have officially begun the 21/22 season, facing Liscate at home at the Brera Football Village for the first match of the Coppa Lombardia. Although still far from the ideal physical condition, our neroverdi won 2 to 1.

After we took the lead at the end of the first half with a great header by Tamba the giant, in the second half the opponents surprised us with the equalizer.
A few minutes later, however, an unleashed Paolino Cataldi sowed terror in the opponent’s area forcing the defenders to commit a blatant foul, which led to the penalty coolly converted by Tentardini.
After another couple of badly wasted chances due to oxygen debt, the referee’s triple whistle gives us a long-awaited victory.

Next Sunday it’s time for the Coppa Lombardia second match, again at Brera Football Village at 5pm against Sporting Valentino Mazzola, we are waiting for you!

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