Yesterday our Men’s team, under the eyes of the Brera Ambassador Gianluca Rossi (in the photo the celebration at the end of the game with Malang Tamba, Foday Jarju and Bai Sesay), drew with a daring 3-3 against the opponents of Triestina. After closing the first half with a 1-0 lead with a goal from comeback kid Ousman Sonko, at the beginning of the second half a one-two of the opponents put the game back on uphill. The black-green draw came 5 minutes from the final whistle after a great effort of offensive pressure, thanks to a left footer by Paolino Cataldi slightly deflected by Ousman’s big foot. When everything seemed over, in the 90′ the referee whistled a questionable penalty (masterfully scored by the opponents) bringing us behind in the score. The reaction of Marco Nichetti’s boys was vehement and, at the end of the recovery period, a magnificent bycicle kick by an extraordinary Paolino Cataldi corrected on the net by a header by Karim the Dream Abo el Ata regained the equalizer at the last breath.

On Saturday, however, the juniors failed to give continuity to the good performances of the last few weeks, being defeated away by an excellent Accademia Pavese 2-0. But the road is the right one and the results will not be long in coming, forza Brera!

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