On Friday and Saturday in Rimini the Fenix ​​Trophy Final 8 took place, the European tournament organized by us which achieved resounding success.

In our final for third place we faced the Roman friends of Lodigiani Calcio 1972 in the remake of last year’s challenge. After concluding the 90 minutes with a score of 1-1 (for us goal by Dario Sablone), we got our revenge and the third place by winning on penalties, with a lottery opened by a very coldblooded Nic from the spot and decided by the giant performance of Marian Dragoi , coach of our Under 19 and former professional goalkeeper in Romania, who felt again the matchday thrill.

The tournament was won in the final by FC United of Manchester against the Prague Raptors in front of more than a thousand people who came from all over Europe to participate in a celebration of football as it should be. The setting of the Romeo Neri stadium in #Rimini was fantastic, as was the whole experience on the Rimini Riviera, washed down with blonde beers, both during the day on the beach and in the evenings on the seapath.

In the other two finals the Polish brothers of AKS ZŁY won against the Germans of HFC Falke e.V. on penalties and the Dutch of Afc DWS for 4-2 against the Spaniards of Cuenca-Mestallistes 1925, a sign that ours was clearly an iron group 😉
Now appointment at the second edition of the Fenix ​​Trophy which will expand to 12 teams, with more and more stories to tell and lots of fun

Forza Brera!

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